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Is Your Website Design Profitable?


If often goes overlooked that the website design should be considered as equal importance to the ad copy.  It’s a major decision that will inevitably affect your sales.  Here are three main elements to consider when designing your website. 

1) Layout:  This can be compared to a tri-fold letter you might receive in the mail.  When you take it out of the envelope, the top fold is what you’ll notice first.  Likewise, you’ll want to make sure that your first ‘fold’ captures your viewer’s attention without any distractions.  It is a must to include descriptive headlines, your contact number, newsletter subscription form and other important elements in your first fold.  It’s not recommended that you place banners in this area unless you don’t mind taking the focus off of your business.  Your viewer will find it just as easy to leave your site and give their business to another.

2) Graphics:  Though eye-catching, bold graphics are a sure way to grab a reader’s attention, they will likely tire eyes or serve as a distraction.  Most experienced Internet marketers agree unanimously that you should steer clear of flashy graphics.  A good idea to remember is to keep it simple.

3) Color:  The best advice is to make the main body of your website copy black writing on a white background, or something very similar.  Again, simplicity is best.  The reason for this is that reading on a computer screen requires much contrast.  If it lacks this, visitors are likely to develop vision fatigue.  Remember, it’s not a good idea to tire your readers in any way.  Keep in mind that what sets a calm and cool mood on one monitor may be bright and over-powering on another due to changes in appearance.

You may want to consider hiring a web designer to help improve your website.  This would give you the benefit of a professional look.  If you are able to find a designer who is educated about marketing techniquesScience Articles, this is the way to go.

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