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You know what? We feel for you. Just because you can’t afford to purchase our Hangover Cure doesn’t mean we aren’t able to provide some free information which might be able to get you through this tough time.

Our Hangover recipe is the ultimate in Hangover recipe’s, and combines the best ingredients in a strategic mix designed to be used immediately.

The biggest benefit of our eBook is that you can immediately run to the grocery store (or perhaps even your cupboard) and mix up the concoction; rather than spend your time reading through articles and doing your own research.

Incase you’re happy to do your own research however, here are some free informational articles to help you in your learning:

  • Why Mixing Drinks Is Bad
  • Why You Need Hydration

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Why Mixing Drinks Is Bad And how it certainly isn’t helping your hangover situation

I’m sure you’ve had one of those nights where you planned to go out and just have a few quiet beers – and then a friend of yours with a wild streak shows up and absolutely shatters these plans, and talks you into having a few shots. A few shots leads to a few more beers, and suddenly you’re bouncing from beer to spirits. Another friend shows up, and talks you into having wine for some reason – and yep, you guessed it, you’re destined for a nasty hangover.

Different alcohol is made from different products; for example beer comes from hops, and wine from grapes. They end up with completely different nutritional information, and have slightly different impacts on your body. This leads us into the different types of hangover.

I’m sure you’ve had a hangover where you’ve felt incredibly sick in the stomach – almost everyone has. This happens due to an imbalance in your acid levels in your stomach, and needs to be cured a certain way. We talk about this more in-depth in our Hangover remedies review. There is a distinct difference in the acidity levels of various types of alcohols – and just remember, only a small percent of what you’re drinking is actually alcohol, the rest is flavourings and the rest of it; and this is actually part of what makes you sick.

The other type of hangover is a migraine headache. We can prevent this through hydration; which once again we cover in our book and provide a fix for. Some alcoholic beverages dehydrate more than others, and as such some will be more prone to producing a mind-blowing headache the morning after.

This leads us to our point – you don’t want to end up with both types of hangovers! By limiting your drinks to one type, you can generally avoid, or at least minimize, the impact of the secondary type of hangover.

Typically you will find that beer is the worst for stomach upset; although this quite often varies between light and dark beer (and ales and so forth). Wine is terrible for headaches, and can give you a terrible headache. If you plan ahead a little, common sense will tell you that if you’re drinking beer, eat a lot; and if you’re drinking wine, make sure you drink plenty of water through the night. There are ways to increase hydration even more than what you can by drinking water; and ways of preventing stomach upset too, but they’re quite complex and are included in our book.

If you would like to find out actual prevention and treatment methods for hangovers, please feel free to purchase our book; it is an Instant Download, and is backed up by science to come up with an excellent method of treatment.


Why You Need Hydration? And how you’ll ruin your day-after without it

You’ve come here to learn how to make sure you don’t get a hangover; and one of the best ways to do this is via Hydration. Have you ever noticed that when you’re drinking you go to the toilet a lot more often than you normally would? This is because alcohol is what is called a diuretic, which basically means it forces water out your body via causing you to need to go to the toilet. This is a massive cause of dehydration, and over the course of the night you can excrete a huge amount of fluid.

Even though you’re constantly putting more fluid into your body with the alcohol, you’ll actually keep enhancing the diuretic effects and ultimately lose more than you’re replacing, and this leads to dehydration. What can happen when you become dehydrated? A whole host of problems such as:

  • Cramping of the muscles
  • Headaches – these result from a rise in blood pressure
  • Backpain due to dehydration of spinal fluid
  • Asthma – the body tries to close the airways to avoid vapor leaving

The main problem you will experience from alcohol-induced dehydration is Headaches, and these can be some of the worst headaches you will ever experience. The problem isn’t just that you have water leaving your body; it’s also your bodies ability to hold water. Water is stored via a number of methods in your body, but one way is in the glycogen stores in your muscles. Without carbohydrates, this simply isn’t possible; which means once you burn off all of your energy from being awake for a longer than normal time (which you do on a night out) without eating, you’ll be severely limiting your ability to hold water.

There are a multitude of factors which go into ensuring your body has an appropriate level of hydration, such as sodium levels, carbohydrates in your body, and of course how much h2o you’re actually consuming. The problem isn’t just the headache the next day; part of the hangover is a complete lack of energy. Your body is made up predominantly of water, and when you are lacking it, you’ll have trouble functioning in a normal way.

All of your vital organs need water to function; and this includes the one that is most important in a hangover – your liver. Your liver cannot function without water, and therefore cannot remove the leftover alcohol from the night before. This leads to the alcohol being in your system sometimes more than double the amount of time it should be, and can lead to a hangover lasting multiple days. Quite often when heavily dehydrated you can wake up still drunk – but the hangover is still inevitable, and when it hits it won’t be going anywhere fast unless you find a fast way to rehydrate yourself.

While common sense says go and grab a bottle of gatorade, there are much more effective methods of curing a hangover covered in our book, as Gatorade will fix the problem, but will take time. By properly stacking the right ingredients we can mask the pain until it goes away, and keep you feeling like a million bucks.

In our book we explain some secret tips to improving your hydration, and how to avoid the dreaded hangover migraine.